Window Styles

Window Styles

Meta: Windows are often the first impression made by a house. When considering new windows, look at 10 popular window styles for home efficiency and aesthetics.


Stylish Windows

When it comes to drastically enhancing your home’s value and aesthetic appeal, windows can be a comparatively simple and affordable project. Effective windows can provide efficient energy usage and, therefore, lower the utility bill. They also are often the first thing a person notices about the home upon entering, passing by, or even considering for purchase, which often translates to increased home value. Depending on the size and style of your home and your budget, consider these 10 popular window styles for window replacement.

10 Window Styles

After evaluating your home’s architecture and landscaping, here are 10 popular window styles to consider: (a) Double-hung. These allow for easy cleaning, replacement, and adjustment, as well as enhanced ventilation. (b) Single-hung. Raised from the bottom, this is a classic choice to allow air flow to the house. (c) Awning. These can allow more natural light to enter the home. (d) Sliding. These provide easy access to outside air and are good for sliding windows. (e) Transom. Often used to enlarge smaller windows, these are often located near primary windows. (f) Bow. Bow windows may require more construction, as they are a semi-circle or arc of multiple joined windows. They are popular in extra seating areas and breakfast nooks. (g) Bay. Also often requiring extra construction, bay windows are a classic choice that fit well with traditional and rustic designs. (h) Special shapes. Because they often will not open, specially-shaped windows serve primarily to enhance aesthetic appeal. (i) Casement. This is often a standard choice for many homeowners with its aesthetically neutral design. (j) Custom. Though unconventional, these can be the perfect choice if designing and constructing your own home.


Choice for the Homeowner

When considering these 10 popular window styles, you have a choice not only of style, but of efficiency. This range of options can give you the freedom to express both your taste and lifestyle.