Window Replacement and Energy Savings

When most homeowners think about energy savings, their first thoughts turn to solar panels. However, there is something you already have around your house you could replace and take advantage of substantial energy savings. Window replacement should be sought every so often as your old windows break down. If it has been a while since you got new windows, then you should look into getting new, energy efficient windows installed.


One quality you want to look at when shopping for new windows is the R-value. This refers to a window’s ability to retain heat. Many older windows allow heat to go past effortlessly, which means you need to spend more on running the heater to warm the interior of your home when it is cold out. Houses with windows with high R-values are not as reliant on centralized heating because it is easier for the inside to stay warm. By using the heater less often, you can save money over time.


There are additional ratings you should look out for when getting a window replacement. You want the visible transmittance to be as high as possible. Air leakage needs to be low because you do not want drafts constantly entering your home. Condensation resistance is measured on a scale between 1 and 100, and the higher that rating is the better off you will be. The solar heat gain coefficient should be low, preferable lower than 0.3. Lastly, you need to look into a window’s light-to-solar gain.


The next time you need to get new windows, you should look into more than just which ones look prettiest. You need to have the environment in mind, and in addition to doing your part for the planet, you will be doing your part for your budget. The right window replacement can save you money and increase your overall value of your house.