Window Repair or Window Replacement?


Over time, windows take a beating from weather, sun exposure and accidents. Not to mention the fact that all construction materials eventually deteriorate, no matter how well a homeowner looks after his or her home. Sometimes a simple window repair will suffice, but other situations are best remedied by window replacement.

Repairs for your windows are recommended if you notice any of the following flaws. If there are tiny gaps or cracks in the sealant around the edges of windowpanes, air leaks and moisture penetration are likely. Repairing these gaps can help save you more money on energy bills. Gaskets – flexible seals that cushion window glazing and provide weather protection – are not meant to last as long as the window itself, so it is common to have to replace them. If you see condensation inside the panes of the window, then there is likely a broken seal. The window sash may need to be repaired or replaced to correct a broken seal. Cracked putty glazing can also be a source of air leaks and moisture. Replacing the putty is usually a simple repair. Another cause for repair is when normal cleaning procedures don’t remove dust buildup or discoloration. 

More severe issues call for a complete window replacement. In certain situations, a basic repair will not fix the root of the problem. For example, window frames made of wood are often subject to weather damage. Excess moisture in the wood can cause rotting and warping – in this case, the entire frame is a lost cause and needs replacement. Breakage of windowpanes or frames also warrants replacement. A professional can help you replace a window safely when there are dangerous broken materials to be dealt with. Finally, full replacement may be recommended when windows are significantly old – technologies change over time, and better materials may have come onto the market since your windows were installed. Older windows also make it harder to find compatible parts for basic repairs.

Contact a professional to have your windows inspected. An expert on the matter can help you decide if simple repairs are needed or if window replacement is in order.