Window Options to Revitalize Your Home


When people drive by your home, the windows are surely one of the first things they’ll notice. A beautiful set of windows can add charm and character to a home on the exterior and interior. If you think it’s time for replacement windows, consider your options and choose something that meets your needs and preferences.

Bay Windows

This popular style is a fixture on many homes today. They can work with just about any style of home. One of the most appealing features of bay windows is their ability to make a room appear larger than it is. One panel sits parallel to the wall, while the other two are on the sides and angle toward the home. A bay window can also create a shelf or seat inside.

Bow Windows

Much like bay windows, this style can fool you into thinking a room is larger. A bow window curves to form an arch outside. It comprises four windows and is visually appealing on the exterior of the home.

Casement Windows

If you’re looking for easy-to-open replacement windows, these may be the right choice. Casement windows open outwardly and have hinges on the sides. They are also efficient because of their tight seal. You also shouldn’t have a hard time maintaining these windows.

Double-Hung Windows

In many homes, these are the standards because they can work with just about any style of house, inside and out. On these windows, both sashes are operable, so you can move either one or both up and down. Homeowners enjoy the energy efficiency of this option.

Hopper Windows

With a hinged bottom, this style opens inward or outward. Air isn’t likely to escape your home when you have these windows. They are not as popular on lower floors, however, because they don’t allow for as much privacy.

Study the features of these replacement windows. Before long, you can enjoy an exciting transformation of your home.