Window Installation: When and Why It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

There’s nothing like a new window to add natural light, improve energy efficiency and keep your home safe. Whether your old home has outdated windows or your new home has cracked windows, find out the benefits of professional window installation today.

When to Replace Your Windows

An older window has many disadvantages. First, outdated windows may be warped. When the wood frame of a window bends and warps, it could prevent you from opening and closing it easily. This could also cause your window to crack.

Older windows are also typically drafty and poorly insulated. Single-pane windows or windows that have bent and warped let in a significant amount of cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. Consider replacing them with new, energy-efficient double-pane windows to lower your energy bills.

Finally, new windows can be chipped, cracked or completely shattered due to accidents, thrown rocks or many other reasons. A cracked window is dangerous because it can break without warning. Keep your home protected with new window installation.

Benefits of New Windows

The latest window designs are elegant, affordable and energy efficient. New windows use double-pane designs to improve insulation. They are often easier to open and can come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Most window frames are made of fiberglass or vinyl. These materials are more weather-resistant that wood, further protecting them from warping and rotting as they age.

However, a new window is only as efficient as its installation. Professional window installation can offer all these benefits, but an improperly installed window may still be drafty, could be dangerous and could detract from your curb appeal. Find a local window installer today and ask for an estimate on window replacement. Choose a single window or upgrade your entire home with a complete set of the latest windows to improve your curb appeal and lower your energy bills.