What To Expect During a Roof Replacement


You’ve done your homework and hired a reliable, licensed, and insured roofing contractor. You’ve agreed on an estimate and secured a permit. Here’s what to expect once workers are on top of your roof replacement project. Literally.


First, you don’t have to move the family to a hotel—unless you want to. If you do decide to make replacing your roof the reason for a staycation, make sure someone is readily available by phone, just in case the roofing company has questions or concerns once work begins.


If you decide to stay home, be sure to secure any pets and keep tabs on children who are home during work hours. Replacing your roof may be noisy, but workers won’t need to come in and out of your house. Depending on the type of work being done, you may need to cover those bowling trophies in the attic.


How long your roof replacement will take depends on the size of your roof and the materials used. Most jobs can be completed in two to five days. Once work gets underway, if workers discover hidden damage, or if the weather turns nasty, your project may require additional time.


Workers will begin by stripping the old roof. They’ll scope out rot, mold, and weak spots, and replace any damaged wood. Next comes a waterproof base layer. Finally, they’ll cover that with shingles. When workers leave for the night, they should cover any unfinished sections of your roof with a tarp to protect against the elements.


When the job is done, expect the roofing company to clean up after itself. Workers should dispose of building materials, chunks of your old roof, nails—anything that wasn’t there when the project began should be hauled away. Your roofing professionals should also perform a final inspection to make sure your new roof is up to snuff, safety-wise.


A roof replacement is nobody’s idea of fun, but occasional repairs can take your roof only so far. Swapping out your leaking, creaking roof for a new one not only can ensure that your next family movie night stays dry, but also can boost your home’s energy efficiency, property value, and curb appeal.