The History of Vinyl Siding and Why It’s the Obvious Choice

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All home exterior options have their selling points, but some are superior to others. This history and evolution overview explains why vinyl siding clads more North American homes than any other building material.


When vinyl cladding first appeared on Ohio home exteriors in the mid-1900s, simultaneous quality and consistency of material were difficult to produce. The coloring stage wasn’t automated, so the hues varied from batch to batch. All of the siding for an installation needed to be ordered and manufactured at one time, or else homeowners ran the risk of displaying mismatched vinyl to their neighbors.


Still, vinyl was a versatile, durable home exterior. Other manufacturers began to produce their own versions, and its easy care made it popular with contractors and homeowners. Now, the Vinyl Siding Institute regulates manufacturing and works to improve production. Additionally, home builders and remodelers can become certified to properly install and repair vinyl exteriors.


Vinyl siding is manufactured by continuously laying an inner limestone substrate layer with an outer weatherable capstock layer that contains coloring and protection from UV rays. It varies in thickness and rigidity, and thicker, more rigid siding translates to a higher grade and cost. The thickness contributes to durability, while more rigidity means a better texture and thus a more appealing look.

Environmental Compatibility

By large, vinyl cladding is a nonorganic yet eco-friendly product. An insulated vinyl exterior improves a home’s R-value, leading to lower energy demands and savings for homeowners. Regulation and certification include methods for producing as little manufacturing and installation waste as possible. Furthermore, installation scraps and any siding that fails standard are recycled.


Vinyl siding is superior because:

  • It withstands high winds and inclement weather.
  • Its appearance holds true despite some fading over time.
  • It requires no more care beyond soft-cloth washing.

Vinyl is designed to protect a home’s exterior and should last for decades. Don’t wait any longer to install