The Benefits Of Window & Door Replacement

marketing pics (2) 019Is it time to replace your windows and doors? As the weather cools down your home’s energy bills may start to spike, especially if your windows and doors are old and drafty. By investing in energy efficient windows and doors you’ll not only save on energy bills, but you’ll also enhance your home’s appearance.


No More Sun Damage

On major benefit of energy efficient windows and doors are that they block the sun’s harmful rays. This means they are not able to fade your flooring, upholstery or whatever else the light may shine on. The good news is that while the harmful rays are kept out, the sunlight will still pour in, so the lighting won’t be affected.


Increased Comfort

One big advantage to new windows and doors is the increased comfort. Energy efficient windows and doors will seal up leaks and prevent drafts that your old ones let in. Furthermore, energy efficient products are also better insulated, so the surface temperature of the glass is regulated, keeping heat or cold air outside where it belongs.


Save On Energy Bills

The biggest benefit, though, is the money that can be saved. Energy efficient doors and windows can save you up to $465 a year on your energy bills. Plus, they are helping you to lower your carbon footprint, which is a priceless contribution to our Earth.


At Exterior Home Services we can provide quick and quality window and door replacement services so you can start taking advantage of these benefits just in time for the winter months. Give us a call or click here for a quote!