Is Your Wood Siding Ready For Replacement?

IMG_0039Homes across the United States are built using wood siding for good reason. This commonly used façade adds charm to home exteriors with its fine finish. However, it is important to know how to select, maintain and treat your wood siding to protect it from rot and deterioration. Sometimes, wood siding needs to be replaced due to lack of maintenance. In fact, your siding may currently need to be repaired, but without the facts, you might not be aware.


Wood Siding Lifespan

Selecting quality material could be one of the most important factors in determining the lifespan of your home’s siding. Siding replacement is not always necessary if you learn to select a durable material and are sure to keep up with maintenance. For instance, water can slip behind paneling, causing deterioration, but adding some insulation that absorbs water can prevent damage. Also, the paneling style selected could impact the type of upkeep required. For example, tongue-and-groove siding benefits from sporadic painting and caulking. If properly cared for, your wood siding can last as long as your home itself.


Weak Wood Warning Signs

There are some red-flag indicators that your wood siding may need to be replaced. First, cracked, peeling, or separated siding usually needs more than maintenance can provide. Furthermore, if your home’s siding is warped or buckling, it could mean water has gotten between the paneling and the outside of your home, which may require more than simple repairs. Lastly, the appearance of fungus or mold is a big reason to have your wood siding replaced because that could indicate problems with moisture. Regardless, if you see these signs, it is time for new wood siding.


Wood Siding Vs. Vinyl Siding

At one time, vinyl siding had a very bad reputation for being easily damaged by the elements. However, these days siding damage is more largely caused by lack of upkeep, so long as the initial installation was done properly. Although vinyl paneling might be cheaper, wood siding is a longer lasting, more durable material.



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