Installing and Replacing Your Roof’s Flashing

Roofs shouldn’t leak, so roofing contractors do what they can to form effective barriers to moisture. As you might guess, though, roofing systems have a considerable number of places where water can penetrate. Some of the most vulnerable sites on your roof are the areas around chimneys, intersections, and architectural features. In these places, standard shingles typically aren’t as effective as roof flashing. If you are considering installing or replacing your roof’s flashing, you should keep a few things in mind.


Wherever your roof has a joint, it is susceptible to leaking. Made from metal, plastic, or a composite, flashing helps solve this problem by seamlessly bridging joints and other gaps. If you are relatively handy, you might be considering installing or replacing your flashing yourself. Think again. Installation requires comprehensive knowledge of roofing systems.  It certainly is more than just nailing a few pieces of flashing in place. Also, if you mess it up, you could make your roof’s leak vulnerability even worse.


Once you decide to leave roof flashing installation or replacement to the pros, you will be ready to pick out the flashing you want and choose the right contractor for the job. If you are building a new house or completely replacing your roof, your flashing installation likely will be straightforward. Those needing to replace worn or damaged flashing, though, will have a slightly trickier project. First, make sure you work with a qualified contractor to inspect your entire roof for signs of damage. Then, when you are ready to schedule your flashing replacement, make sure your contractor works carefully so as not to damage your shingles or other parts of your roofing system.


Your roof is one of your home’s most important systems. When it functions properly, you probably don’t give it much thought. When it leaks, though, you can have an emergency on your hands. If you have a problem with your flashing, your roof could leak. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, contract with a roof flashing specialist to install or replace your flashing.