How Snow Can Affect Your Roof System

Modern new home covered in fresh winter snow.

Watching the snow slowly create white-dusted rooftops and a soft blanket on the ground can be a beautiful sight when you are nestled into a cozy home. But if too much accumulates, and heavy icicles begin to form, it can also bring major headaches. Being aware of potential problems can help you protect your home so you can enjoy the winter months.


Despite feeling light as it falls, snow can become quite heavy as it piles up. Even if a flurry turns to rain, it can continue to add weight. Just two feet of the white stuff on an average housetop can weigh up to 38,000 pounds. Those 19 tons of water can mean a lot of stress to your roofing system, from the shingles to the internal structure.


There are some warning signs that a roof is in danger from a heavy load. Severe leaks can cause cracks in the walls or masonry, and make doors and windows difficult to open. If your roof begins to sag under the weight of the snow, it may be near collapse. Be aware of loud creaking, cracking or popping sounds, which may indicate an imminent cave-in. In that case, experts suggest leaving the structure immediately.


Before it comes to that, there are some ways to protect your home during the winter. If there is heavy snowfall, you can carefully remove it from the house with a roof rake, which can be found at hardware stores. Start by scraping along the bottom, in downward strokes, until you take off two or three inches. You don’t need to clear all of it.


To protect your home before the next season arrives, have your roof sealed. At Exterior Home Services, we can repair roofing problems from replacing wet and damaged asphalt shingles to applying a protective sealant.


Before you have damage, you can take some simple steps to prepare your home for winter. If the cold season caught you unprepared, you can still protect your home by removing heavy snow before it becomes burdensome.


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