Gutters: What You Should Know About Cleaning, Repairs and Replacement

Homeowners across the United States have invested in gutters as an essential weatherproofing system for their homes. The gutters collect rain and move it away from the home’s foundation, basement or crawlspace; thus, keeping it safe and dry. However, if the system gets clogged, cracks or becomes unfastened, your home’s foundation and exterior can both be put in jeopardy. Here are some facts you should know about gutter replacement, cleaning and repairs.


If you have trees near your home, the gutter’s channels can quickly fill with leaves and twigs. Even if there are no trees around, the wind can blow dirt and debris into the tubes. That is why you should have your home’s gutters cleaned twice a year. The technician will remove the moss, muck, and other debris that collected inside the tubes. They can also check to see if the downspouts are clogged.


Gutters can be battered by windstorms, pelted by heavy rains, and attacked by small critters. The fasteners can become loose, sections of pipe can pull apart, and the downspout can fall off. To keep the channels working efficiently, have the technician check for necessary repairs. Even if one fastener comes loose, water can pour against your home and endanger the siding, insulation and foundation.


When your gutters grow old or become broken, consider gutter replacement as a way to protect your home from Mother Nature’s harsh elements. With new designs, bigger channels and specially designed tube covers, you may be surprised at how beautiful and maintenance-free the new gutters can be. Best of all, most companies offer a warranty.

As your home’s first line of defense from torrential rains that pour off the roof, your gutters are essential to your home’s structure. To keep them secure and your family safe, they should be cleaned regularly and have annual repairs. When they break, consider gutter replacement as soon as possible.