Common Home Roofing Problems


Failure to spot the signs of a deteriorating roof can result in extra work and extra costs and even an earlier than necessary new roof installation. A frequent check of the condition of a roof is a great idea. An even better idea is to have a qualified contractor come out annually to inspect the roof for the most common home roofing problems.


Standing Water

Any time there is a pool of standing water on a roof this is a bad sign. This tell-tale signal is common on flat roofs that were improperly installed or are near the end of their effective life.



Punctures occur in a roof when something sharp or heavy, such as nails or debris, has penetrated through the roof. This can cause leaks and other impairments.


Moisture Damage

Any time moisture in the form of rain or snow or hail gets past the roofing layer there can be damage to the structure of a home or to its contents. This is one of the most common complaints from homeowners with a faulty roof. A roofing contractor should be contacted any time there is moisture coming into the home.


Shoddy Installation and Repair Work

Subpar work by a disreputable company can create major problems down the road if the company tried to cut corners on materials or trained labor. Nearly all of the problems on this list can be attributable at times to poor installation. This is best avoided by selecting a quality company.


Cracking and Blistering

The constant weathering of a roof by extreme changes in temperature, among other things, can result in damage to the roof in the form of imperfections such as blisters, ridges, and cracks. Over time, these flaws in the roof worsen, resulting in leaks and other problems.


Identifying the most common home roofing problems takes diligence and expertise. A quality contractor can inspect the roof and offer the appropriate solutions, whether it is a quick repair or a new roof installation.