Common Gutter Problems You Need To Know About

Most people would not look at your home’s gutters and admire the beauty of the system because the exterior design is often less than magnificent. However, when you look at the tubing, and you see something that keeps your home dry and mold-free, you will quickly recognize the functionality that makes it a beautiful part of your home. Here are some ways you can make sure your gutter system installation is working without problems, and your home is safe.


Down piping is essential in the functionality of your home’s gutter system. If the tubes are not big enough to hold and drain the water as it runs off your roof and into the channels, the water will begin to overflow. To prevent water from seeping into your home from overflow, enlarge the pipes or decrease the elbows between downpour spouts.


Gutters are not made to be decorative additions to your home, but the way the channels angle in a proper gutter system installation can cause some people frustration. The angle is necessary for proper drainage of even small amounts of water – aesthetics are secondary to function in gutter builds.


One of the most important considerations for any home gutter system is the material the tubes are constructed from. Exposure to weather such as harsh winds and destructive UV rays can damage most tubes after a few years. Choosing a material that is rust-resistant can also prolong your gutter’s life.


Debris is a problem with most gutter structures unless your tubes have a gutter guard. The shield will prevent large items from falling into the channels and preventing water from freely flowing. A guard protection piece will also lower the times you need to clean the gutters each year, and that can save you money.

Talk to your contractor about a gutter system installation when you need to replace your channels. Your contractor may also be able to fit a guard on your existing gutters.