Clues That You Need New Windows

As a homeowner, it seems as though maintenance and repair needs never end. Quality windows won’t need attention too often, but they won’t last forever. It’s good to know when it’s time to consider new window installation.

Your Electric Bills Are Going Up

You may not realize what effect good windows will have on your utility costs until they start to wear out. Keep an eye on your monthly electric bill. If it’s consistently going up, chances are good that windows are doing a poor job of keeping air from escaping or coming in. Your costs will naturally go up when the temperatures outside begin to rise. However, if the bills are abnormally high, you may need more efficient windows.

It’s Noisy Inside

A good set of windows will effectively keep out sounds such as traffic, construction and kids playing nearby. When you start to notice these noises more clearly, the seals of your windows are probably wearing out.

The Effects of Weather Are Getting Inside

When it begins to pour outside or when cold air picks up, you shouldn’t have to worry about these factors inside your home. When you’re sitting by the window, if you notice condensation on the inside of the window, it’s probably not sealed properly. You may also feel a cool draft or other air flowing by the window. There could be gaps in the window frames.

It’s a Chore to Open and Close Them

It shouldn’t be hard to open and shut your windows. They should stay open, too, when you open them. If you’re having problems with these issues, the windows are weakening.

You Dislike the Way They Look

If weather and time have not been kind to your windows, you may see peeling paint or rotting wood. Maybe the style just doesn’t match the rest of your home any longer. A new set could do the trick.

When any of these situations sound familiar, you should consider window installation. You may be amazed at what new windows can do for your home.