Can I Replace My Own Gutters?


When your home has bad gutters it can be both inconvenient and expensive. Nobody likes having to walk through a torrent of water caused by improper gutter installation just to get inside, and failing to properly move water off your roof and away from your home can lead to significant damages. While it may be tempting to try to install your own gutters to save money, if you’re not an experienced gutter professional, this is a potentially costly mistake.

Seamless Gutters Are a Must

One of the most common amateur mistakes is looking for cheap solutions to self-installation. When you don’t order seamless gutters designed for your roof, you provide inefficient coverage. This can lead to gutter failure and potential damage to your home as a result.

Self Installation Saves Less Than You Think

Even homeowners who understand the value of seamless gutters sometimes think that they can still save money by ordering them from a professional but handling installation themselves. While this may seem logical, it’s often not the case. Often gutter professionals make a minimal profit, if any, on the construction of the gutters they hang, which means if you order just the gutters the cost of the materials goes up. Hiring the pros to install your gutters is often a similar price and ensures accurate work.

Precision Is Essential

When installing gutters, it is important to have the measurements and installation performed with high precision. If your gutters are misaligned or mismeasured by even just a couple millimeters it creates the potential for expensive damage when water is not effectively handled. Only by hiring a professional can you be sure that your gutters are installed just right.

If your home is lacking gutters, or your existing gutters are damaged, you should reach out to a gutter professional for a consultation today. Don’t wait until the next storm when you wish you had them to call about your new gutters.